The Conspiracy (Animorphs, Book 31)

The Conspiracy (Animorphs, Book 31)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 52

ISBN: 2:00280564

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jake's grandfather has died. It blows the family away -- especially Jake's mom. So Jake's parents decide they should all travel to the grandfather's home to help with the arrangements. In another state. For three or four days.     

This is a very big problem for Jake's brother, Tom. He can't be away from the Yeerk pool for that long. So Tom refuses to go -- and his father insists. But Tom's Yeerk will do anything to survive. Including making his father less of a problem.     

Now Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax have to find a way to protect his father without Tom discovering their secret. And without having to choose between his father's life . . . and Tom's.

The Extreme (Animorphs, Book 25)














Ax said. I said as my adrenaline started pumping. Rachel said grimly. The front door opened and Melissa stepped out. The door closed behind her. She looked puzzledly at

almost as good as an owl's. I could smell my brother's exultation. He was excited, anticipating the kill. Tiger senses. Tiger strength. Tom would be helpless. A boy with a knife against a tiger? Like going up against a tank with a Nerf gun. I fell forward as my bones ground and remolded into four strong, muscular legs. Hurry! I shouted silently, stumbling as my feet widened and my toenails curved into deadly claws. But I was still only halfway to the dock when Tom withdrew the glittering

back at you, guns blazing. This isn't that kind of war at all. The Yeerks are more subtle than that. They aren't predators, they're parasites. They don't want to destroy humanity, they don't want to make big piles of bodies, they need our bodies in one piece to continue their invasion. See, they're basically slugs. Parasites. No arms, no legs, no face. Blind. That's why they need host bodies. They slither into your ear, seep into the crevices of your brain, open your memories. And you're

affected. Might even be enhanced," Rachel said. And then, looking me straight in the eye, she said, "And Tom would probably be the one to do it." Chapter 9 There was only one way to protect my father. Surveillance. From the moment he left the house for work in the morning until we left for the cabin on Saturday. Twenty-four-hour surveillance. I could do most of it. He was my father and although I didn't say it because I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, I really didn't think anybody

take. But his reaction time would necessarily be slow. He'd be backup, but if there was an attack it'd be up to me. I was a roach. I turned like a tiny tank and motored beneath the door. Whoooom. Whoooom. My dad's footsteps. Vibration and breeze. My antennae fixed his location. I fought down the roach brain's desire to run. Whoooom. Whooooom. Feet the size of an aircraft carrier floated past in the dim distance. No problem. I had roach senses and roach speed married to human intelligence. I

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