The Deception, Animorphs #45

The Deception, Animorphs #45

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The Next Passage (Animorphs: Alternamorphs, Book 2)

Silent Assassin (Dan Morgan, Book 2)
















began to demorph. Within seconds the narrow gallery deck corridor was impassable. Stuffed with a heaving, shifting mass of bodies partially human, alien, and hawk. "What the . . . ?" Two crew members, watching from a few yards down the corridor. Mouths open, backs plastered to the wall. "Oh, great." Cassie, with the natural grace of an estreen, was becoming wolf before I was fully Andalite. "Please, uh, sirs. Don't panishh . . ." Then she lost her human voice to the morph. "Sorry, kids,"

would not get far. Awkwardly, I knelt by Captain Plummer's side. "What have I done," he gasped. "I tried to fight it . . . I tried!" I assured him. He looked down in fascination at what had been his stomach. "I'm dying." He reached for one of my hands. I stayed with him until he was gone. Chapter 19 Tragedy upon tragedy. The Yeerks trained Dracon cannon on the other ships in the battle group. One by one . . . Horrible explosions! Towers of smoke and

couple of Hork-Bajir, just a few yards away. Let's grab Jake.> "We can take him hostage . . ." Tobias began. Marco said bitterly. Rachel said, wiping a small stream of blood from her forehead.

Tseeew! "Aaaahh!" A naval officer dropped and rolled. Got to his knees and returned the Hork-Bajir's fire. In the distance someone was firing the Mk.15 Phalanx's Gatling gun. If anything, the fighting had intensified. Marco shouted. I was prepared for Marco's suspicions. Rachel yelled.

humanity's own resources. I'm talking weapons, but also ingenuity. Flexibility. Hope. All those traits the former Visser One acknowledged and respected and feared about us human beings. The traits the former Visser Three has always ignored." "No way hope is going to conquer a huge alien force," Rachel said grimly. "At least not before being massacred." Marco sighed. "I know." "But the Yeerks don't," Jake added. "They also don't know for sure we aren't equipped weapon-wise to annihilate them if

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