The Decision (Animorphs, No. 18)

The Decision (Animorphs, No. 18)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0590494414

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tiny things can cause big problems. Ax and the Animorphs morph into mosquitoes for another mission against the Yeerks. Before they know it, they are trapped in the unimaginable realm of Zero-space.
















ordered. The hologram that had showed space now switched to a startlingly real picture of the valley. I could see Yeerk forces, mostly Hork-Bajir with a reserve of Taxxons and a scattering of Gedds, dug in on high ground around the west rim of the valley. They had erected massive force fields covering their back, thus forcing our forces and the Leerans to come at them head-on. Our ground skimmers were racing across rock and through scattered trees, firing and being

-> Marco's thought-speak voice said, startlingly clear and close. Rachel said. Prince Jake said. Cassie said.

said. I looked. Yes, they looked like the one Leeran we had seen on Earth in the company of Visser One. They were mostly yellow. They had skin that was slimy, as if covered with ooze, yet rough in texture, like gravel. They had large, webbed back legs. For arms they had four tentacles arrayed around their plump, barrel-shaped bodies. The head was quite large, with a bulge at the back. It sat right on the shoulders. There was no neck. The face bulged outward and seemed

I heard the Leeran's psychic cry to the Hork-Bajir. Explosives! The whole continent is rigged to explode. There's a central switch. Bright hole! It's in a - I bit down harder. The pain stopped the Leeran from saying more. A Hork-Bajir blade slashed down into the water. It sliced me, but not deep. I let go of the Leeran, jerked my head right, bit down with all my might on the nearest Hork-Bajir's leg. I heard a howl of pain come burbling down through the water. The Leeran was scrambling away.

said Hewlett Aldershot the Third, as he slapped the spot where I'd been busily biting him. "Ow!" he said again. "The human! He's awake!" one of the human-Controllers said. "He's not supposed to wake up yet!" another moaned. "He's in a coma!" "What do we do?" "The Visser will kill us!" "The police are coming. We can't be taken!" "Run! Run!" "What do we do with this Aldershot human?" "We have no orders." "Run!" someone yelled again. And this time, the rest agreed. There came a loud

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