The Departure (Animorphs, vol. 19)

The Departure (Animorphs, vol. 19)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0590494511

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cassie is tired of the missions. She's tired of the secrecy. She's tired of being an Animorph. So she quits. But the fight is far from over. A human-controller has discovered Cassie's secret.




















painful. I shouldn't have been carrying it - I'm on an unauthorized mission. That will double my punishment." She looked very old, staring down hopelessly at the spot where the Dracon beam had fallen. It was easy to see that runoff from the rainstorm had rushed down across that area. The ground was smooth and cut with gullies. "Probably down in the river by now," I said. With her ankle, now swollen to three times its normal size, there was no way Karen could climb down there. Karen looked lost

control which of her memories I looked at. But just the same, the Yeerk's mind seemed to blur into mine. I was there, in the Yeerk pool, blind, swimming. I had a name and a designation: I was Aftran-Nine-Four-Two of the Hett Simplat pool. I was there, in Aftran's memories, opening Gedd eyes for the first time and seeing color! Oh, the shock! Oh, the glory of it! Even secondhand, even from so long ago, the beauty of color seen for the first time was overwhelming. I was there when the Yeerk

escaped from some fool who keeps exotic animals. They think it may have made it back up into the mountains. Clawed a man pretty badly. It'll be a tough job recapturing a leopard. Honey?" he yelled in a louder voice directed toward the kitchen. "Cassie's home." My dad seemed way too perky. Way too cheerful. It was an act. I went into bright light and gleaming linoleum. "Hi, Mom." "Hi, sweetheart," my mom said. Now my radar really tingled. My mother isn't one of those "honey-sweetheart" kind of

coughed some more. I hacked away for several minutes, gasping for a good clean breath with lungs still wet from the river. A sharp pain in my side. A splitting headache. Pins and needles in my frozen hands and feet so intense it made me want to scream. But I was alive! Only then did I notice the girl. She was squatting just a couple of feet away. Her red hair was wet and bedraggled, plastered against her forehead and hanging in long, soggy curls. She had brilliant green eyes that seemed

He fell. The sound of his fall was sharp and clear and full of details to my incredible wolf hearing. My wolf sense of smell recorded the panic hormones, the Hork-Bajir equivalent of adrenaline that flooded his system. My wolf ears could even hear the machine-gun pounding of his hearts. And the pulsing throb of the big arteries in his neck. All around me, the battle raged. Jake, our unofficial leader, in tiger morph. Rachel as a huge, rampaging elephant. Marco, like me, a wolf. Tobias in his

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