The Devil's Cat (The Devil Series, Book 4)

The Devil's Cat (The Devil Series, Book 4)

William W. Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 186

ISBN: 0821720910

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The town was alive with cats. Sam, Nydia, and Little Sam had never seen so many of them. The cats' eyes were glowing slits as they watched the newcomers. And their furry tails were slowly switching back and forth. . . The town was ripe with evil. Soon Sam, Nydia and Little Sam would battle the forces of darkness, standing alone against the ultimate predator--The Devil's Cat. Book cover designed with "horror" hologram.

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tough. The Dorgenoises are not bad people. I think before our trials begin, we'll discover that the Becancour Dorgenoises renounced Satan and accepted God. That's why they came here. And that is why Satan is here. And Satan is why I am here." Sam sighed. "Oh, there'll be others to join our ranks. Seven or eight others, probably. Perhaps ten. No more than that." "That is about … fifteen or so people, Sam," Rita said. "But who will we be fighting?" "People who were once your friends, neighbors,

coffee cup to her lips. She sipped and placed cup back into saucer. "What do you mean, Colter?" Father Javotte said. He alone would call her by her first name. She met his dark eyes with eyes just as dark and unreadable. "You alone, Daniel, know more than anyone here. What have you told them?" "Not much. Most of what I know I can't prove. I know bits and pieces. But I know who you are." "Do you now?" Her eyes twinkled. "I know the demon was exorcised from you as a child. I know that you had

getting at, but it won't wash, Don. Far as I know, and this bein' a small town, we'd both know, Dr. Whitson's wife didn't run around on him. Frank and Thelma Lovern been like two love birds for as long as I can remember. Same with a lot of people we saw in those pictures." "Guess that shoots down that theory, doesn't it?" "Keep trying. Maybe you'll hit on it. God knows …" He laughed, somewhat bitterly. "… I'd damn sure like to know the why of it all." "You reckon we ever will?" "Maybe." He

Yes." Sam nodded his head, his eyes and attention on a group of cats padding noiselessly up the sidewalk that ran alongside the street. "They're pacing us," Sam noted. Then he cut his eyes to the other side of the street. He slowed, then stopped the pickup. "No, they're not pacing us. They seem to be going somewhere. Do you get that feeling, Padre?" The priest watched the parade of cats, lines of them. Hundreds of them had appeared. They were all padding off to the northeast, angling through

the home. He wondered who, besides Jackson, was in there, waiting for him? Despite the heat, Romy was wearing a sport coat. But this time it wasn't just out of habit. The coat concealed the long-bladed hunting knife in a leather sheath on his belt, carried on his left side. Laughter reached Romy's ears. Jackson. More laughter reached him; female laughter. Two people in there, at least. No, there was yet another female voice. Three people. Romy's pistol was in his jacket pocket. He touched the

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