First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs (Pb))

First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs (Pb))

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The Master Sniper

















The First Journey Alternamorphs #1 K.A. Applegate Introduction Okay, listen up. It's Jake. You probably already know what's going on around here. But just in case you don't, here's the deal: Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco, Ax, and I are five kids and one alien out to save the world. No, this isn't a joke. It's real. About as real as you can get. Real enough for screaming nightmares about the things you've seen and done. Because sometimes the stuff you see in the movies, the stuff you thought

like a law-abiding citizen. All the way home. But you don't. You're an off-road cycling freak, so you head for the construction site across from the mall. How many times have you been told not to do that? Like a million. "It's dangerous," your mom says. Deep pits filled with water, cinder block obstacles, dips, and downhill runs. In other words, highly cool. Last Saturday you chose a spot and yanked away the worst debris. You made this sort of single-track loop. It has a killer rolling dip and

supposed to be on alert," Finley answers, frowning. "Especially for kids." Especially for kids? "Wait, here's a shoe." One of them has spied your sneaker! "The dogs can track the kid." He holds the sneaker under your nose. Scent roars in. Your scent. The other dogs smell, then strain at the leashes. "We'll keep the one off-line, see what happens," Finley says. The two dogs take off, and you follow, your nose to the ground, then in the air. Incredible. You can smell yourself. You can follow

rush up at you as your bones compress. Hair grows on your hands, on your face. Your nose twitches. Your body becomes sleek, and the ferret mind urges you to play. There are so many things to investigate in the garage! Wonderful smells, things to eat. You wrench your ferret brain under control. Keeping to the wall, you get close to the group. The elevator dings, and the first group crowds on. You slink closer. Do you dare risk boarding the elevator? The lights on the elevator are bright, and

dismissive glance. "Catch it. I'll throw it down the shaft." Busted! You can't react, or they'll suspect something. "Wait," Tom says. "I've seen that animal. It's a ferret. Belongs to Humphries. Maybe we shouldn't touch it. Chapman said to take no chances." "All right." The other Controller turns back, already bored with the conversation. You're safe - for now. The elevator indicator lights up the sublevel floor. It's as far down as the parking garage goes. But the Controller hits a series

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