The Gas Giant (Space Scout)

The Gas Giant (Space Scout)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1921848030

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kip can't wait to explore Vapod, a giant gas planet with cool flying aliens, but as soon as he arrives, the planet comes under attack! Can Kip save the day before it's too late?

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SpaceCuff, Kip didn’t know if Vapod’s aliens were friendly or hostile. And now his CondorCraft was wrecked, Kip didn’t even have his own transport! ‘Kip! Look over the there,’ Finbar whispered into his helmet intercom. It was the pair of Vapod aliens they’d seen earlier! They were coming towards Kip and Finbar, and they did not look happy. I wouldn’t be happy either if a stranger crash-landed on my doorstep, Kip thought. Nerves prickled Kip’s skin. He absolutely had to make friends with these

scornfully. ‘We understand your language,’ the first alien snapped. ‘We spent some time near Earth a few years ago.’ ‘Oh,’ said Kip. ‘Great! That makes my job easier. You see, we need your help.’ ‘What are you taking about?’ said the Vapod alien irritably. ‘We can’t help you. We have enough problems already.’ Kip was about to answer, but Finbar beat him to it. He smiled kindly. ‘What kind of problems?’ ‘Constant headaches,’ the first Vapod alien snapped. ‘That’s what kind.’ Both the aliens

loud whirring noise. He looked up. Through the igloo’s transparent top, Kip saw a huge cloud of tiny insects. ‘They’re not insects,’ Finbar said, looking hard. ‘They’re nanobots,’ the first Vapod alien said. ‘They’ve been here since the researchers’ time.’ He explained that the nanobots were tiny robots that had been created for maintenance work. They were very simple robots that couldn’t talk. ‘Can you go outside so I can get a closer look?’ begged Jett from the walkie-talkie. ‘I’d love to

original size. ‘What was THAT?’ Kip’s Vapod asked. Kip grinned. ‘My party trick. A mega burp!’ Both Vapods looked blank. Kip and Finbar exchanged glances. Was it possible? Surely not… ‘Don’t you guys know how to burp?’ exclaimed Kip. The Vapod aliens shook their heads. ‘It’s easy,’ Kip told them. ‘You just push all the gas inside you back out again.’ The alien nearest Kip concentrated. Then she pushed as hard as she could. There was a soft hiss, like someone taking the valve out of an

helmet for him. It would hold long enough to get him back onboard MoNa. After that, they headed outside. Quickly but carefully, Kip captured samples of Vapod’s gassy atmosphere in test tubes. Jett already had all the information he needed to create a replica nanobot. At last, Kip had the facts he needed. It was time to leave. ‘It’s been, er, a gas,’ Kip said to the Vapod aliens. They chortled. Kip suspected they were just being polite. Still, laughing at such a lame joke showed how much their

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