The Guardian Chronicles: Fear of the Dark

The Guardian Chronicles: Fear of the Dark

Robby DeLuca

Language: English

Pages: 50

ISBN: 1:00026294

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As Robby DeLuca's second novel, this topples all boundaries that World of Dead set. Join the Guardians, a group of young people who's sole purpose is to protect Heaven and the humans. But soon, a dire threat rears its ugly head. Pekarean the Black, the original ruler of Hell is attempting to make his return when the newest Guardians, Eric and Devon, join, they are sent on the adventure of a lifetime that takes them from the depths of Hell, to the gates of Heaven themselves. Follow the ride of your life in the first book of the Guardian Chronicles series.

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center of the room stood a tall man in a pure black suit with slicked back salt-and-pepper hair with a matching goatee. He looked about forty years old, and was wearing a very inviting smile that seemed both friendly and threatening at the same time. “Welcome, Custodes, to my humble home,” Lucifer said with a voice as smooth as silk, “To what do I owe this unexpected visit?” “We are here to discuss the black crystal in Heaven,” Heather said, “We wish to know anything you can tell us,” “A black

at this group of Guardians and said, “Well, I guess I'm going to have to kill you all myself,” Pekaraean raised a hand, but nothing happened. “What?!” He yelled, “What is this nonsense!” “I think it means you lost,” Devon said, transforming back into his normal self. “I-it can't be!” Pekaraean yelled. “Eric,” Devon said, “Would you like to do the honors, or give your lady friend her 300th kill?” Eric jokingly thought for a moment and said, “I'll do it, because I kind of don't have any,”

Let 'em kill themselves is what I say. It would make our lives a whole lot easier,” “Yes, but then we'd be out of a job. Remember, the only thing that allows us to continue to wander the Earth is the fact the humans still exist, otherwise we'll all end up dead,” “Yeah,” Kaitho said, looking around, “Did that annoying weapon of yours come too?” “No, I had him stay back at the Gates, why?” “Because I hate him,” “Okay then, you still seem to be the same as when we actually were friends,”

turned around and began to focus, and he felt a movement, that progressively got stronger, and suddenly, the whole room was filled with wind. He saw Devon fall over and laughed. “Good job,” Heather said. “Thanks,” replied Eric. Chapter 4 Mission 1 Eric stood at the Gates as he waited for Heather to come out with the travel and food money they needed for the mission. The whole group was talking. Haley and Devon were talking about a TV show they both liked, How I Met Your Mother, and they

so that they could get to the airport. “Okay, the cab is coming, please be good,” Heather said, almost like she was their babysitter. A few minutes later, a yellow van pulled up, and the six young people got in. Heather was the oldest, at 17, and she told the cabbie to go to the airport. “What's a bunch o' kids doin' goin' to a airport, anyway?” “You don't need to ask, we have money,” Kira interpreted. “Okay, what ever youse says,” The cabbie pulled out and began driving. They were in the

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