The Hidden (Animorphs, Book 39)

The Hidden (Animorphs, Book 39)

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0439106788

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The pint-sized Helmacrons left some morph-tracking technology behind, and the Yeerks have found it. As if avoiding a full-scale Animorphs hunt isn't enough, Cassie and the others must keep the morphing cube moving--so it doesn't land in the wrong hands.


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size but didn't weaken. My chest and shoulders swelled, and my face began to bulge. My teeth grew into long, deadly fangs. The buffa-human was morphing, too. Watching me as its defenseless, human body beefed up until it was a dark, massive rock. As the rolling, deadly horns sprouted from the center of its skull. Mimicking. THWOK!THWOK!THWOK! The trees whipped wildly and dirt flew. - I scooped up the blue box in my mouth. Jake ordered, streaking out of the clearing. We dashed

Marco said. Rachel said immediately. Jake pointed out. Rachel snapped back. Marco said.

flicked its tail, severing the arm of a Hork-Bajir in the process. Jake said, as the Hork-Bajir cried out in pain. Visser Three turned toward the sound. Jake shouted. "Grrr GrrrOWWWRR!" I plowed through the terrified human-Controllers. TSEEW! TSEEW! Visser Three commanded, pointing imperiously at the buffalo in Andalite morph. The buffalo pointed back, mimicking. The Hork-Bajir-Controllers hesitated, torn

the Yeerks. That's why Jake, our leader, doesn't like us using the morphs for our own purposes. I can't say I never have - there's nothing like frolicking as a sleek playful dolphin, and being a horse has certainly come in handy on occasion - but I like Jake a lot - okay, maybe I feel even stronger than "like" - and what he says makes sense, so I try not to do anything that would put us at risk. But the risk isn't the worst of it. This is a war and people die. And using this power to destroy

two-hour limit in morph, he'd become some kind of hideous nothlit. Forever a mutant. Even if The Gardens found him, they wouldn't know what to do with him. And I knew I was leaving him to die. Chapter 8 I ran hard for a long time. Trying to put that last picture of the buffa-human out of my mind. Trying to forget how he'd started to follow me and how his plaintive, bewildered grunting still echoed through my head. Leaving him was wrong. But I had done it anyway. I had abandoned an animal

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