The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (Animorphs)

The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (Animorphs)

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0590036467

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Before the Animorphs...on another world...the fight began. Prior to their invasion of Earth, the Yeerks attacked a gentle and docile species known as the Hork-Bajir. This is the story of a special Hork-Bajir, his Andalite friend, and their future enemy, Visser Three.

Caravan to Vaccares

The Skeleton Key: A Short Story Exclusive (SIGMA Force, Book 6.5)

The Threat (Animorphs, Book 21)

The Extreme (Animorphs, Book 25)



















Animorph missions planned. The others didn't need me right then. So even though the sun was going down, I flew. I flew toward the mountains. Toward the secret, hidden valley the Ellimist had showed me. Even now I had trouble finding it. Even though I knew exactly where it was. Even though, as a red-tailed hawk, I had vision far better than any human. The Ellimist had concealed the valley from human eyes. How? Who knows? The Ellimist could hide all of planet Earth if he wanted to. But knowing

released the evil of war on an unprepared galaxy. Chapter 2 - Aldrea Andalite date: year 8563.5 Yeerk date: Generation 686, early-cycle Hork-Bajir date: late-cool Earth date: 1968 I am the daughter of Prince Seerow. My friends tease me sometimes. They call me "Seerow's Unkindness." You see, I'm not like most females. I'm not content to stay within the sciences and the arts, the traditional female occupations. I don't want to be a Zero-space theorist or a grass-scape designer or a cloud

seer. I had not kept my promise to Akdor. But that no longer mattered. The great Akdor had been killed by a Hork-Bajir firing one of our own Dracon beams. And then, our second very unpleasant surprise. A small fleet of Andalite ships had popped out of Zero-space, shockingly close to the Hork-Bajir world. They had annihilated two of our ships in orbit. That's what had happened to Sub-Visser Fifteen. He'd been in charge of orbital defense. Sub-Visser Fifteen would die for his incompetence after a

the red-hot core of the planet, with Yeerk Bug fighters zooming literally feet above his head. He was brave, yes. That I had to acknowledge. But I would see him dead before I would let him use his virus against my people. Aldrea cried. Alloran said. Alloran warned. He was almost across. Other Andalites were responding

my true calling. I came across an old Andalite saying in the computer files. The Andalites were our enemies now. Yes. Know your enemy. That was my calling. That was the way to gaining my own host. I would learn all the computer held about the magnificent, powerful creatures called Andalites. Someday we would face the Andalites in battle. Then I would be needed. Chapter 6 - Aldrea my

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