The Inside Story (The Sisters Grimm, Book 8)

The Inside Story (The Sisters Grimm, Book 8)

Michael Buckley

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0810997266

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After the shocking ending of The Everafter War, this book, the penultimate one in the series, picks up with Sabrina, Daphne, and Puck stuck in the Book of Everafter, where all the fairy tales are stored and enchanted characters can change their destinies. The girls (and Puck) must chase the Master through a series of stories, where they're willing to change what they must in order to save their baby brother. Soon, however, they are confronted by the Editorthe book's guardianwho, along with an army of tiny monsters known as Revisers, threatens the children with dire consequences if they don't stick to the stories. As they chase their quarry and dodge the Revisers, they meet Alice, Mowgli, Jack the Giant Killer, Hansel and Gretel, the Headless Horseman, and others. But will they find their brother in time?

Silent Killer

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head. Its light revealed savage beasts surrounding her—a pack of wolves. Each held its haunches high, but their eyes were on the ground and many were trembling in fear. The torch also illuminated the dirty loincloth that barely covered her. “Thou art the master,” a voice said from the trees above her head. It was smooth and serious, and when she looked up at it she realized its owner was a black panther nestled in the branches. “Save Akela from the death. He was ever your friend.” Terrified,

brother, and I raced into this crazy book without a second thought. Now we’re working for this Editor, who might be evil, and his little pink erasers who might decide to eat us.” Puck rolled his eyes. “I suppose you want a pity party.” Sabrina’s face flushed with anger. “So I open up to you and you make fun of me for it? You know what you are, Puck? You’re a jerk.” Puck laughed as if Sabrina had just told him the funniest joke ever, which sent her into an even nastier rage. After all the time

shot, maybe two, but you can’t hit us all.” “You don’t know the fairy godmother wand that well. You’ve gotten lucky,” Daphne added. Soon Arthur, the knights, and the Wonderland group were standing right behind the children. “I warned you!” Pinocchio said, flicking the wand. A bolt of energy burst from it and hit Sir Galahad in the chest. There was a pop, a puff of smoke, and then Galahad turned into a turtle. “I think I know this wand well enough.” Pinocchio looked smug. “Get him!” Puck

chaos in the town subsided. She didn’t need him running off into the night in search of the child. “And that’s why we’re here,” Daphne said. “Mirror had a nursery hidden in the Hall of Wonders. He’s been taking care of Joshua ever since.” “Joshua?” “I’ve been trying to come up with a name for him,” Daphne said. “I have a son . . . ,” Henry said. Veronica burst into happy tears, as did Granny Relda. “You can name him whatever you want,” Daphne said, sheepishly. “None of my ideas have really

bodies of bears and the heads of tigers. Their claws were long and horrible, and they looked as if they could slice through a man with a flick of their wrist. The beasts followed them onto the log they used to cross the ravine, and they were preparing to pounce when the travelers shoved the downed tree over the edge, sending the monsters to their deaths. Their next headache came in the form of a raging river. With so many people in the entourage, it took twice as long to cross as it should have.

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