The Lord of the Clans

The Lord of the Clans

Chris Lange

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 1532850336

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Captured by a rival clan, Ariana is chained to a wall and about to be tortured. The Four Kingdoms aren't safe anymore. As if crossing dangerous territories wasn't bad enough, she is now trapped in a cave with her jailers. But they have it all wrong. She isn't a spy, she’s just a healer on her way to her sick aunt. Escape is out of the question, and the legendary Lord of the Clans will believe her or execute her. He's huge, he's powerful and he has the power of life and death over all the tribes. But maybe she has it all wrong.

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now stroking her shoulders. He turned her around. She quickly glanced down, and there it was, a growing lump straining against the front of his pants. A pang of desire wrenched her belly as she looked up to meet his amused gaze. “Do you see something to your liking, my lady?” “You’re getting hard.” “I most certainly am. To tell you the truth, my dick is in dire need of your tight, hot pussy.” Wetness rushed between her thighs. Her pulse sped up to erratic flashes when he gave her a gentle

halt, he reined in his horse to glance back toward her. Did he have in mind to stop for a while? She trotted to catch up with him, hope spurring her forward. Although he clearly meant to inform her of something when her mount came abreast of his, he didn’t get the chance to say it. An ear-shattering, high-pitched noise pierced her brains. She howled. A blinding pain stabbed her. She flattened her hands against her ears but couldn’t muffle the atrocious skull-splitting shrill. Her legs lost

ride through a forest so the canopy of trees might shelter them from the rain. They, however, kept to open grounds, which must have been the reason why he urged the horses ever faster. The kingdom of Borgom also had suffered from the war. In the distance, fields had been left unattended, and rotten fruit littered neglected orchards. Where were the people? The countryside appeared devoid of human life, though it was hard to tell with the steady rain tumbling down from the skies. She’d have to

Longrocks Mountains. Eventually, you ended up here.” “That’s what happened.” “I thought so. Given that our mountains range is to the north, at which point exactly did you intend to veer west?” She opened her mouth, then closed it when the implication contained in his question hit home. Hadn’t she been riding west for the past three days? Could it be possible that she followed the wrong course? Glad he wasn’t able to see her toes curling with embarrassment, she swallowed, and then stuttered a

different people while her tears dried off, wiped away by the biting air assaulting her. The Lord of the Clans wasn’t cold anymore. He’d never be cold again. Despite the frosty wind, she seethed with rage and grief as deep shivers quaked her limbs. She breathed through clenched teeth, torn between the need to cradle him in her arms until the end of the time, and the violent instinct to dash to the fortress and destroy the wretched bastard who ripped her soul. Alone in the darkest of places, she

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