The Magic Shop (Ancient Magiks: The Alec Gavins Chronicles) (Volume 1)

The Magic Shop (Ancient Magiks: The Alec Gavins Chronicles) (Volume 1)

Ed Sutter

Language: English

Pages: 172

ISBN: 1603136924

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Alec Gavins’ first summer job results in love, magic, and adventure. He comes into possession of an ancient golden amulet which grants his wishes, although never in the way he expects. Alec and friends Marina and her uncle Zack begin researching the pendant, discovering it’s linked with the lost tomb of Alexander the Great. They’ve no idea a malevolent group, also looking for the tomb, are determined to get hold of the amulet—at any price. Alec’s life becomes a roller-coaster ride when Alexander’s spirit attempts to control him—at a time when Alec’s going to need his wits about him just to survive…

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teasing, but I played along. “I’m Alec Gavins. I was in a couple of classes with you last year.” Amber’s two friends, Heather and April, responded in unison, “No way!” Heather said, “Alec is fat and wears glasses. You’re…” she fumbled for the right word. “Sleek.” I could feel my ears get hot. Now I knew they were teasing, and embarrassment made my reply more curt than usual. “Yeah, right. Okay ladies. If you’re done shopping, I’ve got work to do. See ya.” I turned and went back to stocking

recognized it for what it was and kept it secret for some years, perhaps handing it down from generation to generation. At some point, some descendant probably sold it off to pay off their bar tab, and the necklace made its way here. To you, Alec.” They both turned to stare at me. Thankfully, just then the bells over the door rang, and I fled, saying over my shoulder, “Sorry, gotta run. Customers, you know.” * * * * As I approached our house that afternoon, a hot desert wind seemed to

turned the amulet over and over in her hands, studying the front and the back intently and eventually borrowed his loupe. Then, she lifted her face to her uncle and said, “Uncle Zack, I know that this symbol represents Ammon Ra, the chief Egyptian god.” “That’s correct.” Marina was nuts about ancient Egypt. She’d even learned something about hieroglyphics. I was personally amazed that there were actually books in the public library that dealt with such an unusual subject, but if it were there,

o’clock the next morning, Zack’s friend, Doctor Megan Lee, stepped into the store. I was taken aback. Wow! If this is what archaeologists look like, I’m going to have to reconsider my choice of college majors. Megan Lee was about five-seven, with sun-bleached light brown hair. Large, pale-green eyes were startling in a face with a full mouth and a dark tan. She wore shorts and a sleeveless cotton shirt which buttoned up the front, the garments revealing long legs and some very interesting

interest and some fear. Raising demons from some hell-dimension seemed like an undesirable thing to do on a Friday. Carefully, I poked at the box a few times, but nothing happened. I wasn’t sure whether I was relieved or disappointed. Maybe a little of both. Figuring my excitement for the day was at an end, I picked up the six-inch square cube and walked back to Zack’s office. It might be something he wanted after all. I was still examining the box as I entered the office, and promptly tripped

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