The Message (Animorphs #4)

The Message (Animorphs #4)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0590629808

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The wildly popular series by K.A. Applegate is back!

It all started with the dreams. But Cassie didn't pay much attention to them. She and her friends have been having nightmares ever since they acquired the power to morph. But when Cassie discovers that Tobias has been having dreams, too — the exact same dreams — about the ocean, and a voice that's calling to them for help, she decides it's time to start listening. Now she and the others have to figure out if the dreams are a message, or a trap.

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you want,> Rachel said. Tobias said with weary affection. The four of us lanced forward, faster than ever, toward the whale in distress. Tobias reported from the sky above. We were steaming through the water when I caught sight of my first shark. He was bigger than me, maybe twelve feet long, with faint

constantly pointing out food. Sometimes you just have to accept the animal's basic mindset and go with it. Jake said as we flapped and soared and flapped some more. It's easier being an osprey in some ways. Much less flapping. Once we were out over the water, we could at least stop scanning for food. Mostly.

plea, like a child with a nightmare calling for her mother. The monster is after me! The destroyer! The evil one! Help me. Ax managed to say. Marco gasped. Rachel admitted. WHUMP, WHUMP, WHUMP. Ax said. Jake said.

his eyes on me, then looked from each one of us to the next. He seemed very solemn. Tobias demanded. His hawk's eyes glittered. "This is all fine," Jake interrupted, "but we have to get out of here. And we have to decide what to do with Ax. He can't exactly just go walking through town with us." "I think he should come to my farm," I said. "It's not so different from

"Hey, Tobias," Marco said, "I've been meaning to ask you, are hawks like seagulls? I mean, do they poop while they're flying?" Tobias shot back. Down in Rachel's living room, Jake turned on the TV and popped in his cassette. "There was just this one small story," he narrated, as, on the screen, an old guy in a bathing suit held up a piece of what looked like metal. "So now we're

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