The Pilgrims of Rayne (Pendragon)

The Pilgrims of Rayne (Pendragon)

D.J. MacHale

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 141691417X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Bobby Pendragon first arrives on the tropical world of Ibara, he finds paradise. As he works to uncover clues about the turning point this seemingly idyllic territory will soon face, all he can determine is that the people of Ibara are blissfully happy. It's not long before Bobby discovers, however, that they are also blissfully...oblivious.

The leaders of Ibara are keeping a devastating secret from their people, one that gives Saint Dane all the opportunity he needs to launch his final assault on Halla.

While Bobby struggles to learn the truth in time to thwart Saint Dane, Courtney Chetwynde desperately searches for Mark Diamond. On the heels of a shocking tragedy, Mark has disappeared. Worse, he seems to be under Saint Dane's influence. It's up to Courtney to find Mark and stop him from making a grave mistake that could change the future of all existence.


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mouth hanging open in awe. If there was anything good that came of this experience, it proved to Siry once and for all that the Travelers were real. He only asked one question: “My father knew of all this?” “He was a Traveler,” I answered. “This is what we do.” I was afraid Siry might panic. Having your world turned inside out wasn't an easy thing to deal with. Everything he'd seen up to this point may have been incredible, but it was explainable. This… wasn't. “I'm okay, Pendragon,” he

clothes were worn, and nobody seemed to be too concerned about taking a bath. They all looked pretty healthy though. They weren't out here in the jungle starving. Most hung out on the various levels of the bamboo structure, looking down at the new guy. Me. The group that had ambushed me stood on the ground, circling me. I looked into each of their eyes. They all had the same look as Siry. It was an odd mixture of boredom and anger. Not a good combination. A thin girl with long, stringy, blond

okay. After that, the way to go would be clear. Or so she hoped. They arrived on the fourth floor, where they were faced with five doors leading to different apartments. Number 4A was to the far right of the landing. “What do we do?” Dodger asked. Courtney's answer was to stride across the landing to Mark's door. Before she could change her mind, she boldly knocked. No answer. She knocked again, louder. Still no answer. They waited a solid minute, knocking a few more times. “Either nobody's

to… to… somewhere else,” she bellowed haughtily. Courtney froze. She squeezed Dodger's hand. “We've got to get out of here,” she said under her breath. “Not yet,” Dodger said. He turned to the officer and said with his most polite voice, “Sorry for the disturbance, sir, but we're looking for our brother, who's sailing with you today. Perhaps we don't belong on this deck, but we're sure that our brother does and OWWW!” Courtney squeezed Dodger's hand again. “Now!” she hissed under her breath.

see how.” “Aren't you even a little bit curious?” “I'm curious about the Flighters,” Telleo answered. “It bothers me that they're getting bolder.” “Don't you think it would be smart to find out who they are? Maybe they could be stopped.” “The island security will protect us,” she said softly. Man, she was pretty trusting. “What about the tribunal?” I asked. “Siry says they're keeping secrets from the people.” Telleo looked stung. “I believe the tribunal tells us what we need to know. Why

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