The Reaction (Animorphs, No 12)

The Reaction (Animorphs, No 12)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0590997343

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Animorphs and Rachel must discover why she's morphing uncontrollably before her secret is accidently revealed.





















hereth illint thing at all! You're still allergic!" "I'm trying to be calm, Cassie," I warned. "I'm trying to demorph." "You can't do this stupid show while you're still this way!" "I'm doing the show. It's the only way! I'm not letting this creep . . . now look! You're just making me upset!" The gray fur was beginning to grow on the back of my arms and hands. I shut my eyes. No anger. No anger. No anger. "I didn't see Kevin Costner out there," Tai said suspiciously when she returned. "I

your hand. Then Cindy Sue will shake your hand, unless she's in a snit. Then you sit. Don't worry about which camera to look at, just look at Barry and Cindy Sue. Barry and Cindy Sue will ask you about all this alligator stuff -" "Crocodile," I corrected. "You tell them your little story. If Barry does this with his hand, that means speed up. If he does this with his hand, it means wrap it up because we're done. Got it? Good. Nothing to worry about." She stopped suddenly and stared at Cassie.

feel like something is happening inside me." "The allergic morphing?" "I don't think so. I have that under control for now. I think maybe I'm having that thing." "What thing?" "You know." "The hereth illint? Now? Here? Now?" I nodded. "Yeah. Here. Now." Chapter 21 "Oh, no," Cassie wailed. But she wailed quietly, because Bart Jacobs was still sitting next to us. He was talking to his assistants and getting ready to go out on stage. Barry had finally finished telling a funny story. The

mix of bluish deer body, humanlike arms and shoulders, and definitely alien head. He has no mouth. He has two big, seminormal eyes on his face where eyes should be, and two extra eyes stuck on short stalks on top of his head. And he has a tail. Like a scorpion's tail. Very fast, very dangerous in a fight. Normally when we're in the barn, Cassie would be busily cleaning cages or giving medications to skanky lizards or whatever. But I guess she felt like she had to help me defend myself. So she

with yelling at Rachel? I have work to do." Jake laughed. "I don't yell," he said. "I'm not anyone's parent." "You tell 'em, Dad," Marco said. We all laughed and the tension was broken. For about ten seconds - till Jake said, "Hey, by the way, Tom said something about how The Sharing is going to hire that kid from Power House as a spokesman." "That TV show?" Marco said. "Huh. That's strange. Well, anyway, I have homework piled up on my desk at home. Plus, I have the new Nintendo game. You

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