The Resistance (Animorphs, No. 47)

The Resistance (Animorphs, No. 47)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0439115213

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The Resistance (Animorphs, No. 47)














"Lieutenant!" he cried. "They're not a mile from here!" Chapter 13 - Jake I put Ax in charge of the "dam expansion." He had a clear sense of the mechanics of the whole thing. Said something about how the natural curve of the beaver's dam was actually the most efficient shape to hold back the water. "Fluid mechanics was one of my specialties as an aristh," Ax said. Marco sighed. "What haven't you done?" "I have never constructed an organic cellulose hydrological attack assemblage." "We speak

A few of the men lay down against the dirt. One took off up the hill toward camp. But Jacob and the rest ignored my warning. "Prepare to fire . . . ." The woods erupted with whoops and shouts. Angry cries. "Yeeeeeee! Hah! Yooooop! Yeeeeeeeeeeeha!" The Rebel yell. "I'll answer you with lead!" Spears shouted down his gun barrel. The Rebs pulled out of the woods. Numbering only fifty or so, they screamed as loud as a regiment. The galloping hooves grew louder and louder. The whoops and

starts with your name, so go ahead and fill that in yourself . . . . Let's see, now . . ." I cleared my throat and flipped to the watersoiled page entitled "Oath of Muster." I imagined I was Lincoln. I summoned the most presidential voice I had. "'I, Isaiah Goodhue Fitzhenry, do solemnly swear that I will bear true allegiance to the United States of America, and . . .'" "Lieutenant?" "Samson?" "Can you stop there?" "Of course." I let the men repeat back the phrase. They filled in their

open with his tail blade. If he ever got the order. Suddenly . . . ZWIIIP! ZWIIIP! Streaks of blinding orange stuff raced through the air. Flying fireballs. Visser One! I froze. Eight colossal legs, thick as trunks, stormed through the woods. The ground shook! Full grown trees snapped like toothpicks. Eight horrific heads with simmering orange eyes belched balls of flame. Then . . . "Tseeer!" Tobias, diving at the monster again and again. Scratching eyeballs with his

more than sixty of you who are fit enough and old enough to fight." "It's not fair," Rachel said angrily. Tobias agreed. Toby was silent. Her expression showed noting. She turned to Ax. "The forest is too thick for the effective use of Bug fighters, isn't it?" she asked. "And the valleys too narrow." Ax's stalk eyes scanned the closely spaced trees. Toby turned to me now. "Will

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