The Romanov Conspiracy: A Thriller

The Romanov Conspiracy: A Thriller

Glenn Meade

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 1451669453

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since July 1918, no one has been able to solve the mysterious disappearance of Princess Anastasia—until Dr. Laura Pavlov uncovers some haunting clues in this thriller by the acclaimed, bestselling author of The Second Messiah.


DR. LAURA PAVLOV, an American forensic archaeologist, is about to unravel a mystery that promises to shed light on one of the twentieth century’s greatest enigmas. Digging on the outskirts of the present-day Russian city of Ekaterin­burg, where the Romanov royal family was executed in July 1918, Pavlov discovers a body perfectly preserved in the permafrost of a disused mine shaft.

The remains offer dramatic new clues to the disappearance of the Romanovs, and in particular their famous daughter, Princess Anastasia, whose murder has always been in question. Pavlov’s discovery sets her on an unlikely journey to Ireland, where a carefully hidden account of a years-old covert mis­sion is about to change the accepted course of world history and hurl her back into the past—into a maelstrom of deceit, secrets, and lies.

Drawn from historical fact, The Romanov Conspiracy is a page-turning story of love and friendship tested by war, and a desperate battle between revenge and redemption, set against one of the most bloody and brutal revolu­tions in world history.

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think of our son. There’s something else you should know. Yakov said if I didn’t inform on you Lenin would exile Sergey and me to a camp in Siberia.” The color left Andrev’s face. “Then you can’t stay: you have to leave with me at once.” “No, it’s you who have to leave, Uri. Quietly and quickly, so no one will know you were here.” “Nina—” “To do otherwise will only endanger Sergey’s life. By remaining in Moscow, he and I stand some chance. Trying to escape, we’d risk death.” Andrev felt

question.” The nun said, “He seemed most interested to know about Princess Anastasia.” “Why her?” “Heaven knows. But I found out which doctor Kazan’s using—I know him, he’s worked at our hospital—and called his home. His wife said her husband’s still at the hotel.” Markov said, “What about the other couple we were expecting?” Boyle said, “I wish I knew. For now our concern is if the Cheka makes our man talk. It may not be safe for any of us.” The nun said, “That’s why I thought it better if

the politicians. But it would have to be kept totally secret and it would have to be done fast. We must find the right people who are daring enough to devise a rescue plan and execute it swiftly. My president wanted me to convey to you that any suggestions you might care to make would, of course, be treated with the utmost confidence.” Page waited for a response but he didn’t get the one he expected. Instead, the king actually smiled and put down his cup. Page said in his charming North Carolina

them in a matchbox. Patrolling guards passed them, flicking watchful looks. When they were out of earshot, Alexei whispered, “What do you think was in the note?” “I told you, I didn’t have time to read it.” “Maria thinks it has to be from groups loyal to Papa who want to rescue us. Do you really think they’ll rescue us, sis?” Her brother’s big, soulful eyes gazed up at her. She said, “I expect they will—eventually.” She heard singing. Her sisters, Tatiana, Olga, and Maria, strolled at the

Even at the tender age of twelve, when he designed a toy helicopter powered by a rubber band, Igor Sikorsky was already considered a genius. Born in Kiev in 1889, Igor grew up with his father, a psychology professor, and his mother, a respected physician, and from childhood his parents instilled in their son a love of art, especially for the works of Michelangelo and Jules Verne. Not surprisingly the boy’s passion for flight was ignited and he dedicated himself to a career in aviation. Barely

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