The Sacrifice (Animorphs #52)

The Sacrifice (Animorphs #52)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0439115264

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Yeerks have abandoned all secrecy. They are loading people onto underground trains that run directly to the Yeerk pool where they perform mass infestations. The vast army of Controllers is growing rapidly and will soon be unstoppable. Ax and the Animorphs can think of only one solutionā€¹to use one of the trains to blow up the Yeerk pool. But the cost will be measured in hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent human lives.

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angrily. "Shhhh!" Eva cautioned. "I can't believe we're doing this," Naomi went on. She had been complaining incessantly since we left base camp. "We all agreed to be part of this mission," Loren pointed out reasonably. "Let's just keep going and hope for the best." Rachel's mother came to a stop. Reluctantly, I ordered the others to stop as well. "Hope for the best?" she repeated. "That's all you have to offer? Am I the only one of you people worried about our kids?" I could not help

back of the second guard. The guard fell forward onto his stomach. Tuan stepped calmly from the guard's back. Marco said. Tuan slinked away. With my tail blade I severed the chain that locked the doors of Warehouse A. Marco and I entered the warehouse. Marco snorted in disgust. The warehouse was filled with boxes stacked all the way to the ceiling. On the side of each box was written the word "SPAM" in large black letters. I asked. Marco

produce another thousand human-Controllers.> James asked. I could hear the eagerness in his voice. The eagerness of a new soldier. One not yet exhausted and sickened by war. Rachel answered. It was a foolish course of action. There were only three of us. Yes, we had been clever and productive in the past. But that was before the Yeerks had forced us to become refugees. Rachel prompted.

winged our way back home. Visser One wasn't the only one who would have some explaining to do. I, too, would have to justify my actions to an angry Andalite high command. If I chose ever to speak to the Andalites again. They would never understand and I would never be able to explain. But for good or ill, I had thrown in my lot with the humans. Humans. Violent but peace-loving. Passionate but cerebral. Humane but cruel. Impulsive but calculating. Generous but selfish. Humans.

behind the canopy of trees that kept our camp from being seen from above. Camp consisted of a muddy, wooded, and heavily guarded compound built by a colony of free Hork-Bajir. Rebel Hork-Bajir who had escaped the tyranny of the Yeerks and had gone into hiding. Their leader was Toby. When the Yeerks discovered the true identity of the resistance we, the Animorphs, evacuated our homes immediately. Now the muddy and primitive camp is full, crowded, and contentious. There are the free

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