The Sickness (Animorphs #29)

The Sickness (Animorphs #29)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0590762621

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Animorphs' alien friend Ax is in trouble. He's come down with a virus called "yamphut", and it's making him very sick. The Animorphs discover the virus could be deadly--but they can't take an "alien" to the hospital. They need to come up with a plan--or lose their friend forever.

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Illim, I mean. It was so hard to think of him as anything but Mr. Tidwell. I wished Illim hadn't singled me out of the group. We should all be here. At least all of us who could be. The only thing I could do was try and make sure I asked everything the others would ask if they were here. It wasn't hard to figure out what Marco would want to know. "I have another question. What about Mr. Tidwell? The real, human Tidwell?" "When I first entered Mr. Tidwell, I was not part of the peace

human morph, with a mouth, Ax can be . . . unusual. "She's making her move," Marco told Ax. "Although if you want to get rid of her just try saying 'bod-eee' like that a few times." "Buh-dee. B-dee," Ax said, continuing to play with the sound. Of course if Allison knew what Ax really looks like, she'd run screaming in the other direction. Ax's Andalite body is strange. Strange and beautiful and intimidating, too. Picture this: a blue-and-tan deer-like body, a giant scorpion tail, a pair of

time to plan. No time to do anything but move. Scrunch-thrust. Scrunch-thrust. Scrunch-thrust. I powered over to the girl whose head was in the water. A Yeerk was just about to enter her ear. I shoved it out of the way and slithered in myself. I gave a squirt of painkiller and wriggled through the ear canal. I spread myself out over the brain. The microvolts of electricity set my body tingling. And I was connected. I frantically opened the girl's memories. She was a member of The Sharing.

Why didn't you find me sooner?" Mr. Tidwell held up both hands. "Aftran is unharmed, for now. She hasn't been questioned yet," he told me. "Visser Three wants to handle the interrogation personally." A cold lump formed in my stomach. Interrogation by Visser Three meant torture. I was sure Aftran would hold out as long as she could. But she would end up telling the Visser everything she knew. Which was everything I knew. Aftran had been inside my head. She had unlocked all my memories. She knew

care of sick animals. Not that Ax is an animal, exactly. "I feel like I'm on ER," Marco said as he headed toward the hose. "I've definitely got a Noah Wyle kind of thing happening." Tobias asked from his perch in the rafters. "Just keep a lookout," I answered. Tobias said. Rachel hurried over and handed a blanket to me. I spread it over Ax's back and shoulders. I could feel tiny tremors racing through him. "So are you finally going to tell us what

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