The Solution (Animorphs, Book 22)

The Solution (Animorphs, Book 22)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 58

ISBN: 0590636715

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

David, the newest Animorph, is not what he appears. His need to control the other Animorphs and Ax is all he thinks about. And the things he does are starting to break up the group.

Rachel and the others know that time is running out. The newest battle against the Yeerks is the most important one yet. And it's not one that will wait. Winning this fight could mean slowing down the invasion. But no one knows what to do with David. Because the newest Animorph is more than just a little problem. He's deadly . . .












first ton, I found the surf didn't bother me quite as much. I backed further out to sea to conceal my growing bulk and keep the very recognizable elephant head silhouette from being seen onshore. I looked left from one eye and right from the other. I saw the rest of my friends growing vast and bulky in the surf. Jake was in his rhinoceros morph. Marco had chosen to acquire that same animal. Cassie, Tobias, Ax, and I were a matched set of elephants. The elephant and rhino morphs had several

undamaged bungalow and called to Marco. I instructed. WHAM! I said. I slammed the hole in the wall that Marco had started. This time it went down easier. Two hits and the wall collapsed inward. BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!BLAM! Four bullets hit me in the head. I felt them as hammer blows. I backed away from

I demanded sharply. I said. I fluttered my wings and hopped up to the windowsill. I looked out at a night that was as bright to me as high noon. I had become a great horned owl. With eyes that looked through darkness and ears that could hear a mouse squeak at fifty feet.

we knew the Yeerks were moving against the President and the others? How do you think we learned that one of those heads of state was a Controller?" David looked a little less cocky. I could see the wheels turning in his head as he realized I was telling the truth. We hadn't told David about Erek and the other Chee. "So see, you sell us out to Visser Three, we will know," I said. He shrugged. "Big deal. Nothing you can do about it." "Yeah, you're probably right," I said. "Even if we were

baby-sittee." "Mom! No way! I can take care of Sarah!" Jordan protested. "Come on, little babies," I added for good measure. Well, you can guess where it went from there. Ten minutes later I was out the door. And ten minutes after that I was demorphing inside Cassie's barn. Everyone else was already there. Ax, Tobias, Jake, Cassie, and Marco. At least, I assumed it was Marco and not David in morph. "Marco," I said, once I had demorphed. "You know you're a toad?" "Kiss me and I'll become a

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