The Test (Animorphs, No. 43)

The Test (Animorphs, No. 43)

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0439115175

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Taylor, Tobias' arch-nemesis and the Yeerk that once infested his mind, holding him, his memories, his every thought and feeling hostage,has kidnapped him once again. Only this time, she's going to let him go-after he's listened to her proposition...Taylor is now part of the Yeerk peace faction and tells the Animorphs of a plan to eliminate the Visser and the Yeerk pool, a plan which only the Animorphs can carry out. This would be a major victory in their war against the Yeerks, but it also means morphing to the creature with the most uncontrollable instincts-the Taxxon. Can Tobias prevent the morph from turning him against his friends...?

The Change (Animorphs, Book 13)

The Lord of the Clans
















make do. The Andalite was nearest. I smelled the flesh under his fur, the muscles under his flesh. I was aware of his tail blade. It even triggered a danger alarm in the Taxxon mind. But the siren was faint, nearly insignificant. The tail blade could slash me in two, but I didn't care. I might get a bite in first! Jake called. I rushed full speed at Ax. I'd body-slam him. Knock him to the ground. Lock

better prepared this time. I was ready when the instincts reared up and told me to follow the smell of my friends. I turned my ravenous, empty belly to the tunnel instead. I rushed forward to the place where Ax had stopped. Fierce hunger propelled me into the soil wall. I was more aware this time. I felt what was going on around me. What was going on inside the Taxxon mind. It wasn't simple hunger. It wasn't pure rage. No. What drove the Taxxon to eat and dig was more complicated. It was

roughly. His henchmen, two in front, two behind, surrounded him. Their weapons were drawn, their eyes were searching. They were tense as we moved into the hall. On guard. Almost as though they expected . . . Tseew. Tseew. Three humans appeared twenty feet down the corridor. Their Dracon rounds ricocheted off the walls. What was going on? Humans firing Dracons at Hork-Bajir! Controller versus Controller? "Drop the bird," a man with a mustache ordered. "Now!" The Hork-Bajir snorted a laugh at

kill her." "What's her deal?" I said. My words sounded preposterous. I wondered for a second if I hadn't dreamed it all. "Don't believe it," Rachel muttered, charging out of bed. "C'mon. Let's get the others." An hour later, we had all assembled in Cassie's barn. "A deal?! Come on. Our help?! Puh-leeze. If some Yeerk contracts a democracy virus, I m supposed to

smiled and he almost fell over. It was crazy to have such power. I'd been on the receiving end before. I'd just never been the source. Is this what Rachel experienced? Was this part of what made her so brave? "Triple espresso. Heavy on the cream and the sugar." Taylor turned to me. "You dare abuse my body, you filthy grass eater?" The kid raised his eyebrows. "Grass?" he said. "I can juice you some wheat grass, but that's all we have." Taylor glared at the boy. I laughed. We were mirror

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