The Underground (Animorphs #17)

The Underground (Animorphs #17)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0590494368

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What's tasty, good for you, and only takes sixty seconds to make? Oatmeal. And it's making the Yeerks more than a little crazy. Now Rachel, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a new weapon against the Yeerks. Sounds good, right?


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having trouble. Everything was fine." I went back to work. But now the earth didn't seem so inviting or warm. Chapter 16 Down and down I dug. Till my entire body was in the dirt. And now I was no longer hiding beneath the mole's mind. I was a human being, digging blindly into the dirt. Why should it have been terrifying? Why? Was it the way the dirt pressed in all around me? The fact that I could not possibly turn around? I couldn't breathe! Only I could breathe. Yes, I was breathing. But

soon. The Visser is coming." She laughed an evil, somewhat frightened laugh. "He'll find them out." I tried to mimic her laugh. "Oh yes, the Visser will take care of the Andalite scum." "I wish I could stay and watch," she said. "But I have to get back. My host is a judge and there's an important case I must prepare for." She walked away. I made a mental note of her face and occupation. I also made a note of the fact that she was lying. She didn't want to be anywhere near Visser Three. Which

Marco. Calling Rachel. Come on, Rachel. You're starting to worry us all now. Where are you?> THUMP! BUMP! People rushing all around me. Hurrying. A huge Taxxon slithered past, needle-legs flashing, its big red, round mouth gasping at the air. What had Marco said? You're starting to worry us all now? Us all? Did that mean he'd contacted all the others? Someone grabbed me. "What's the matter with you? Get to your action station! There are more Andalite scum among us!" The man released me and

I could swear I heard that bird talking. I must be nuts." We all laughed. Even Jake, who was trying, with the usual total lack of success, to get us all to behave seriously. We were gathered near the Rupert J. Kirk State Mental Health Facility. It was two floors of red brick. There was a little fountain just outside the front door, and lots of shade trees and lawn chairs sitting out on the grass. It could have been an old folks' home, or a slightly aged apartment building. Except for the fact

those vile, evil worms did it voluntarily. And we've learned the Yeerks are moving against a race called the Leerans. And they are moving against Earth, where people live their normal lives never knowing. I guess it's like having cancer or something. You never know the tumor is growing inside you till it's too late. So now you know why I'm cautious. Why we hide our true identities. And who are we? We are Animorphs. Five kids given the power to morph into any animal we can touch. Five kids who

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