The Unexpected (Animorphs #44)

The Unexpected (Animorphs #44)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0439115183

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This series follows the story of a group of five young kids who must use their knowledge and newly acquired ability to "morph" into any animal they touch to try to save the world from invading aliens.

The Third Bullet (Bob Lee Swagger, Book 8)

The Revelation (Animorphs, Book 45)
















CIA guys, and at least six guns between them. Above: an unarmed seagull. Well, maybe not completely unarmed. I flapped my wings to gain altitude. Bald Spot flipped open his cell phone. I zeroed in on my target. He punched some numbers. I dove. He pushed SEND, and I dropped my bomb. Bird poop splattered over the phone and down one side of Bald Spot's head. "Aagghhhhhh!" He wiped at his face, then glared up into the sky. "Andalite!" he hissed as he hurled the phone to the pavement and pulled a

been an accident. I hadn't actually pulled the trigger on the first one, and I'd only meant to stun the second. Still, if I hadn't been there, they'd be alive. And what about the two Hork-Bajir in the cargo hold? Not an accident. I had meant to kill them, and I did. Just like I'd meant to kill the Taxxon. I could almost hear Rachel: "Puh-leaze, Cassie. Taxxons are willing Controllers and pure cannibals. That pilot would've gobbled up his own splattered guts if he'd had a mouth left to do it

female kangaroos had scattered across the plain, but the males, the big boomers, didn't move as fast as the does. They were twice as big. And twice as heavy. Two of them were locked in combat with a Hork-Bajir, swiping with their claws as he slashed with his blades. Another lay on the grass, unmoving. Ravenous Taxxons descended upon him. One of the boomers leaped toward the water. Another followed. And another. They looked like they were fleeing, backing themselves into a watery corner in

want the wreckage tested. They wouldn't want NASA scientists to discover it was made from a metal not found on this planet. And they sure wouldn't want the media to spread the story. Because the Yeerks don't want all-out war. They want to slowly, gradually infiltrate the human race so that by the time anybody notices what's been happening, it will be too late. Visser Three will have already won. We were pretty sure they'd show up at the airport. And the Chee confirmed the story. The Chee

Rachel's words. If Rachel were here, that's exactly what she'd be saying. "They're ready for small. They're expecting you to run and hide. Don't give them what they want, Cassie." The port of the Bug fighter rippled open. Two seven-foot aliens stood poised to leap into the plane's cargo hold. They glanced down at the miles of empty space between them and the plane, then turned and gestured toward the Taxxon. They were Hork-Bajir, storm troopers of the Yeerk army. Feet of a T-rex. Blades of a

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