The Valley of the Lost (Deltora Quest #7)

The Valley of the Lost (Deltora Quest #7)

Emily Rodda

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0439253292

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Deltora is a land of monsters and magic. Lief, Barda, and Jasmine have almost reached their goal. Six gems gleam in the Belt of Deltora. Now the last one must be found before Deltora can be freed from the evil Shadow Lord. The companions have faced many terrors. But the worst is yet to come.

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more. The colorless rags they wore hung around limbs that seemed just skin and bone. Their shapes seemed to blend and mingle, overlapping as they pressed in, each hand moving upon a dozen others, touching, stroking … Barda and Lief stood rigidly still. But Jasmine quivered, her mouth set and her eyes screwed shut. “I cannot bear this,” she whispered. “Who are they? What is wrong with them?” Her dagger hung loosely in her hand. She made no move to use it. She could not do so. The people were so

plainly where he spent most of his time. Deep red curtains covered the walls, screening out the mist and the other rooms. Fine drawings and paintings, and a huge mirror in a carved frame, hung from the fabric. On the floor was a rug rich in flowers, fruits, and birds, with a picture of a humble hermit repeated at each end. One of the Guardian’s little jokes, thought Lief. Nowhere else in this valley would simple, beautiful living things be found. Upon the rug, in front of a couch heaped with

was the last. The Guardian nodded with satisfaction, well pleased by their surprise. “The clues to the riddle are in this palace,” he added teasingly. “And the first, hidden in this very room!” Barda straightened his shoulders. “We would be grateful for some time alone to discuss our decision, sir,” he said, using his most polite and formal voice. “Certainly!” The Guardian bowed. “I am a very reasonable man, and will allow you that courtesy. But I pray you, do not try my patience. I will

what Pride’s fault is?” They stood, undecided, staring at the closed door. Then Jasmine’s face grew puzzled. She pointed to the colored glass window. “There is something strange about this,” she murmured. “I have just noticed it. Look!” “It is certainly odd. There is a diamond or a star in every square except the last,” said Barda, peering at the glass. “Yes!” Jasmine snatched the paper from Lief’s hands and read out two of the lines from the rhyme: My third begins a sparkle bright — The

broken bones…. But at least he had felt safe — safe within the Wall. Lying very still, his wrists crossed rigidly on his chest, Rye thought about that. He thought about Weld, and its Wall. Thought about the history he had learned and taken for granted. Thought, for the first time, about what that history meant. Weld had existed for almost a thousand years, ever since its founder, the great sorcerer Dann, had fled with his followers from the savage barbarians and monstrous creatures that

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