The Vengekeep Prophecies

The Vengekeep Prophecies

Brian Farrey

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0062049291

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Forget what you know about prophecies—this epic middle-grade fantasy about a clumsy boy born into a family of thieves is fresh, fun, and anything but predictable! The first in an unforgettable trilogy, this Kirkus Reviews Best Children's Book of the Year takes everything you thought you knew about fantasy and spins it into pure magic.

Jaxter Grimjinx is a born thief. At least, he's supposed to be. For generations, the Grimjinx clan has produced the swiftest, cleverest thieves in Vengekeep. The problem is, Jaxter is clumsy. So clumsy that in his first solo heist, he sets the Castellan's house on fire and lands his family in prison. Even Jaxter's talent for breaking magical locks can't get them out of this bind.

Then a suspiciously convenient prophecy emerges, naming the Grimjinx clan as the soon-to-be heroes of Vengekeep. It's good enough to get his family out of jail, but when the doomsday prophecy starts to come true, Jaxter is pretty sure a life behind bars would be a better fate. Now, with the help of his new friend, Callie, Jaxter will have to face down flaming monsters, a bazaar of thieves, and a renegade sorcerer to become the hero he was truly born to be.

Full of twists and turns, friendship and adventure, The Vengekeep Prophecies is a "rich fantasy that hits the ground running and never lets up" (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

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would have stuck by me no matter what. Truth is: it still got me down. Much of what he’d said had already been on my mind. Aubrin’s pickpocketing skills branded her a chip off the Grimjinx block. I hadn’t even mastered picking an Armbruster 1 lock. Every year it became clearer: I really wasn’t a very good thief. It was well after midnight before I stopped brooding, slipped into my nightclothes, and crawled into bed. I heard a knock at the door and looked up as my grandmother stepped into my

streets. “So much for the evacuation,” Ma mumbled. The sadness returned to her eyes, and she didn’t say another word all the way home. That night was quiet in our house. Ma didn’t touch her dinner. She sat in the living room, staring into the empty fireplace. Da did his best to make her happy, cracking jokes and reminding her we had several strong plans in place to beat most of the prophecies. But after a few hours, Ma rose silently, went upstairs, and closed the bedroom door behind her. I

find everything. That was beyond what I could do. “No,” I said, feeling my chest tighten. “I’ll only mess it up. I can write up detailed descriptions of the plants, explain where they can be found—” Before I knew it, I could barely breathe. I closed my eyes and felt cool hands press gently against my cheeks. I opened my eyes to find Ma staring at me. Her face was calm and reassuring. “Jaxter,” Ma said, “we’re running out of time.” A thunderclap sounded overhead, underscoring Ma’s point. She

strange and random question. “Come again?” the Dowager asked, lowering her fork and smiling in an “I don’t know what you’re talking about” sort of way. I nodded at her plate. “I see that you’ve seasoned your food with aramon leaves. They’re quite pungent and not all that tasty. I can’t imagine someone flavoring their food with them without a good reason. The Satyrans on the island of Rexin use aramon to settle an upset stomach. From the amount you used, I guessed you’ve had problems for some

need strong clothes, so he’s got a child. A son. Or he never would have dressed you in that. It’s unlikely he would buy you clothes if you were just visiting, so that says you’ve just moved here.” Before she could say another word, I brushed the hair from her shoulder. “You’ve got a faint tan line along your neck. You’ve been out in the sun, wearing a high-collared dress. When you stand, you favor your right leg because your left foot is killing you. Now, what is it that requires wearing a

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