The Wizardry Cursed (Wiz, Book 3)

The Wizardry Cursed (Wiz, Book 3)

Rick Cook

Language: English

Pages: 412

ISBN: 067172049X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Wiz Zumwalt and his gang of Silicon Valley hackers and otherworld wizards must stop whoever has created the adjoining universe, where magic and technology both work and whose power could destroy their own world.

Snow Mountain Passage

Bad Magic (The Bad Books, Book 1)

The Spellsong War (Spellsong Cycle, Book 2)

Rage (Courtney Family: Second Sequence, Book 3)




















wall and crashed to earth a few feet from him. Abstractedly he realized there should be a simple command to shut the spell down, but it's hard to think when you're in the middle of an artillery barrage and impossible to talk when your mouth is full of dirt. There were crashes and thuds and whizzes and occasionally a nasty spang as something hit the wall and ricocheted away. Once a big piece hit the top of the wall, knocking off chips and showering them down on the cowering trio. The dust grew so

we most need to know." "It seems to me," Bal-Simba rumbled, "that we have two ways to find out. We can sit here and wait for whomever or whatever is sending these things to come to us or we can send our own scouts through to spy out this new world." "Lord, that's not much of a choice," Wiz said. "So far these things aren't hostile, but they're sure not friendly. If we wait we may not like what we get." "My thinking precisely, Sparrow. So we must go and see." "Forgive me, Lord," Moira said,

supervisor said at last. As she turned away from the empty bed she thought regretfully of the cigarettes she had left in her locker. This was going to be a bitch of a night. * * * Bronwyn looked up from the still form, her lips pressed into a tight bloodless line. "What have those damned barbarians done to her?" she demanded. "How should I know?" Wiz said. "I'm not a doctor." "Neither are any of them by the look of it. They kept her clean and fed, but they did nothing to heal the damage

the cabling problem whipped. Come look at this." Danny had several sections of the raised floor up to expose one of the cable runs. "You know you said it would take us a couple of days to get all the cabling spliced right? Well, I found a way around it." "emac" he said, and one of the yard-tall editor demons appeared beside him. "?" said the Emac. He reached behind him on the floor and handed the demon the wiring manual and printout of the installation chart. The little demon staggered under

strength, level of training." "It's the same with us," Gilligan told her. "If we get in close we try to have the advantage in height and position. Diving out of the sun is a favorite tactic." "We do that also," Karin said. "Do you break off after one pass?" "We might. It depends on numbers and your dragon's fighting potential. Some dragons, like Stigi, are very strong and fierce. In a melee I would have a considerable advantage." She paused and frowned. "Still, there are a great many things

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