Tiger Adventure

Tiger Adventure

Willard Price

Language: English

Pages: 102

ISBN: 1782950192

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of Willard Price's adventure stories featurin Hal and Roger Hunt. The boys are in India to investigate rare, beautiful and dangerous creatures for their zoologist father. As well as facing tigers, cobras, bears and elephants, they take on an idle sponger who thinks animals are for shooting.

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thing he should know about is the way you are breaking the law by killing animals in the Gir Forest and risking ten years in prison.’ Vic laughed. Tat chance you have of writing to my father. You don’t know his address. Cleveland is a big city. If you just put ‘Mr. Stone’ on the envelope, the post office is not going to hunt up the address. And I’m not going to give it to you. There’s no way in the world that you can write to my dad.’ I’m not so sure about that,’ Hal said. There was one way he

truck that wouldn’t go. The tiger could reach him in two leaps. Roger shivered as if he had some of the ague that afflicted the three crooks. There was nothing to prevent the tiger from hopping into the truck and making a breakfast of the driver. But the tiger looked very sleepy. He gazed at the boy and the truck with half-closed eyes. He was evidently full of food and had no desire to make a meal of this fine boy. What had he eaten, and where was it? He had killed something, had eaten as much

unlike the viper, it did not sting. ‘What is it trying to do?’ Roger asked. ‘Well, it’s a constrictor. That means it’s a squeezer, not a poisoner. It will try to squeeze the boar so tightly that it can’t breathe. If we want that boar we have to move fast or he’ll die before we can get him home.’ Several men had now appeared from the nearest village. They had seen many strange things in their lives, but this was the first time they had seen a snake hugging a boar. Hal said, ‘Help us carry this

charging backwards? He can’t charge unless he turns around, head first.’ ‘You’ve a lot to learn about porcupines. I’m telling you, get around in front of it.’ ‘You think you can fool me,’ Vic stormed. ‘I’m safe here and here I’ll stay.’ Suddenly the porcupine rushed back with the speed of lightning and plunged its needles through Vic’s trousers and deep into his legs. He let out a yell that could have been heard a mile away. The porcupine, well satisfied, disappeared into the bushes, leaving

you.’ said Hal. He guessed the truth but decided not to say anything about it. Nervous Nellie had suffered enough for one day. ‘How are your legs?’ he asked. They sting as if they were on fire. Must be that antiseptic you put on them.’ Hal thought, ‘You can always trust this guy to say something nasty.’ ‘Well anyhow,’ he said aloud, ‘thanks for taking care of Tiny Tim,’ He took up the little animal and walked off. Chapter 5 The Laughing Leopard The great sambar deer captured by the boys was

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