Tigerclaw's Fury (Warriors)

Tigerclaw's Fury (Warriors)

Erin Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 108

ISBN: 2:00210857

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this seventy-five-page novella from the world of Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series, discover the story behind Tigerclaw's rise to power as leader of ShadowClan. Cast out of ThunderClan as a traitor, Tigerclaw will not rest until he has his revenge on Bluestar, Fireheart, and the rest of his former Clanmates. But first he must become Tigerstar of ShadowClan. . . .

Readers will be thrilled at this look into the ruthless heart of one of the most infamous cats in the Warriors series. Warriors: Tigerclaw's Fury also includes teaser chapters of Warriors: Leafpool's Wish and Dawn of the Clans #1: The Sun Trail.

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been lucky to escape with nothing more serious than a clawed eye. Sootfur had been killed, and so had Cinderpelt the medicine cat, desperately protecting Sorreltail as she gave birth to her kits. Leafpool felt a fresh wave of grief, sharp as ever, when she thought of her mentor dying without her. Cinderpelt must have been terrified for the future of ThunderClan without a medicine cat, yet she still refused to leave Sorreltail’s side. I came back, Cinderpelt, and I stayed, Leafpool whispered

ThunderClan lost its leader? Tigerclaw felt his hackles rise. Of course, it was in RiverClan’s interests to keep Bluestar in command, weak and addled and unable to maintain her grip on Sunningrocks. It was probably Crookedstar’s greatest fear to have Tigerclaw in charge of his closest neighbors. The dappled shadows cast by breeze-stirred oak and beech leaves gave way to cool damp gloom beneath the pine trees that bordered Twolegplace. Tigerclaw paused for a moment to check that no cat was

hunters, including Shattered Ice and Turtle Tail, lined up beside the body of the hawk. Each of them took one mouthful, then stepped back for the next cat to take their turn. By the time they had finished, and filed out along the path behind the waterfall, there was very little meat left. Clear Sky, watching beside Gray Wing, let out an irritated snort. “I still wish we could have eaten it.” Privately Gray Wing agreed with him, but he knew there was no point in complaining. There isn’t enough

will leave at the next full-moon along with any—” He broke off, his gaze fixed on the far end of the cave. Turning his head, Gray Wing saw the hunting party making their way inside. Their pelts were clotted with snow and their heads drooped. Not one was carrying prey. “We’re sorry,” Shattered Ice called out. “The snow is heavier than ever, and there wasn’t a single—” “We’re leaving!” some cat yowled from the crowd around Shaded Moss. The hunting party stood still for a moment, glancing at

ThunderClan QUEENS MISTYFOOT—dark gray she-cat MOSSPELT—tortoiseshell she-cat ELDERS GRAYPOOL—thin gray she-cat with patchy fur and a scarred muzzle CATS OUTSIDE CLANS BARLEY—black-and-white tom who lives on a farm close to the forest BLACKFOOT—large white tom with huge jet-black paws, formerly ShadowClan deputy CLAWFACE—scrawny brown tom MOWGLI—brown tom with green eyes PRINCESS—light brown tabby with a distinctive white chest and paws; a kittypet RAVENPAW—sleek black cat who lives on

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