Unsolved Mysteries of the Old West

Unsolved Mysteries of the Old West

W.C. Jameson

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 1589797418

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Two subjects continue to fascinate people—the Old West and a good mystery. This book explores and examines twenty-one of the Old West's most baffling mysteries, which lure the curious and beg for investigation even though their solutions have eluded experts for decades. Many relate to the death or disappearance of some of the best-known lawmen and outlaws in history, such as Billy the Kid, Buckskin Frank Leslie, John Wilkes Booth, The Catalina Kid, and Butch Cassidy. Others involve mysterious tales and legends of lost mines and buried treasures that have not been recovered—yet.

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Albuquerque. The defendants were aided by attorneys H. M. Daugherty and Harvey Ferguson of Albuquerque and Albert B. Fall of Las Cruces. Fall was Fountain’s old enemy and an increasingly powerful figure in New Mexico politics. For strategic reasons, the prosecution withdrew the charge against McNew, but the strategy ultimately backfired. The charges pertaining to the murder of Colonel Fountain against Gilliland and Lee were also dropped. The prosecution decided their best chance was to prosecute

bore his initials and had been photographed numerous times while wearing it. The ring, prized by the assassin, was not on the finger of the man killed at Garrett’s farm. David E. George wore a similar ring. Some weeks before he died from the dose of strychnine, George told a neighbor that he was being followed. One afternoon, on spotting the approach of two law enforcement authorities, George was in fear that he would be identified. He removed the telltale ring from his finger and swallowed it.

with mystery, and even those scholars who do not agree that Phillips was the famous outlaw admit to some difficulties discounting the possibility that there may be something to the claim. After Phillips passed away in 1937, his widow told investigators that her late husband had, in fact, known Butch Cassidy during the late 1800s, but that he was certainly not the famous bandit. Both cursory and computer analyses of the facial features of Phillips and Cassidy suggest they were two different men.

few historians have deduced that Logan took his own life rather than be captured and sentenced to prison. The Pinkertons, along with D&RG detective R. Brunazzi, examined the body of the dead man and identified it as Kid Curry solely on the basis of a letter found on the corpse. The letter was addressed to Tap Duncan, one of Logan’s several aliases. For the lawmen, the matter was closed and Harvey Logan was officially listed as dead. The body was subsequently buried at Glenwood Springs. Other law

stored away in some dusty attic or cellar deep in Mexico? Or is it hidden among other specimens in some Chicago research facility? According to Mexicans living in Parral, a ghost walks the nearby countryside. It is a headless apparition that is sometimes seen around midnight. They insist it is the ghost of Pancho Villa and that he is searching for his head. Others suggest the ghost of the general appears regularly to remind the peasants to continue to fight for what is rightly theirs. �Quien

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