Upland (Images of America)

Upland (Images of America)

Donald Laine Clucas, Marilyn Anderson, Cooper Museum

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Upland--a more fitting name could not have been chosen. The city is nestled among the foothills at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains--better known to the old-timers as the Sierra Madres. Upland has a rich history, dating back to rancho days of the early 1800s, then through the land boom of the 1880s, into agricultural times, cityhood in 1906, and coming of age in the 20th century. Although the city has changed, Upland has held onto some of its rural atmosphere and charm and remains a beautiful and warm place. Those who visit enjoy it, but those who live within Upland's outstretched arms and the shadow of her peaks truly love it.

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a time roughing it during the 1890s. (UPL.) On occasion, hardy campers might trek all the way to the summit of Mount San Antonio (Old Baldy), as this group did in the early 1900s. Some members of the party are believed to be from the Bowden family. It seems they always enjoyed living in tents. These three gentlemen were apparently out for a good time during the 1920s in the foothills of Upland. The man on the right is believed to be Mac McQuillen. These two were part of the same group and

Municipal Park stood at the corner of Third Avenue and C Street. This had been the gathering place for bond rallies and the victory celebration during World War I. The cannon, a captured German fieldpiece, was acquired as a result of a petition asking Congress to award some type of armament to Upland as a monument to the city’s dedicated war efforts. It now sits at Memorial Park as a tribute to all veterans. Isaac Studio was an early Upland photography business primarily noted for its

Street. In 1886, Nathan Stowell, a pipe maker who had been an employee of the Chaffey brothers, purchased 60 acres of land lying on the east side of Euclid Avenue between Seventh and Eighth Streets. This was the beginning of the new colony of North Ontario. Although Stowell’s primary objective was to lay cement pipe for the colony, he first had to lay several feet of wooden pipe, which was used for a turbine wheel that ran the machine that produced the cement pipe. Stowell ultimately laid his

the fruit was raised in the higher ground. Because Adams suggested the name Upland by making it part of the association’s name, he is given credit for originating the name of the city. The citizens liked the name, and in 1902, they persuaded the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors to rename the community. Incorporation had not yet come for Upland, however, and the city of Ontario made moves to push its boundaries northward. One of areas Ontario was attempting to annex was land that

members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Ontario began mission work among local Chinese field workers in the vineyards. Five GETTING AROUND TOWN Along with the Madonna of the Trail, the old mule car that ran the length of Euclid Avenue carrying passengers from Ontario, through Upland, and to San Antonio Heights is synonymous with area history. Charles Frankish originally dreamed of an electric railway but settled for a horse-powered system, and later used mules in 1887. A team of two

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