Villains by Necessity

Villains by Necessity

Eve Forward

Language: English

Pages: 493

ISBN: 0312857896

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With the banishment of Evil from the realms, the final victory of Good is assured-unless a few stalwart antiheroes can save the world from a serious and potentially fatal imbalance. First novelist Forward explores the complications that arise from a surfeit of "goodness" in the world. The result is a skewed version of the epic fantasy that features an assassin, a thief, an evil sorceress, a dark knight, and an implacable druid as the villains-turned-heroes who must restore the delicate balance of opposing forces before their world disappears in a blinding flash of Goodness and Light. Fans of role-playing games will recognize many familiar conventions in this seriocomic fantasy adventure. A candidate for fantasy collections in large libraries.

Treasure of Lima (Rogue Angel, Book 46)

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Lord Brocktree (Redwall, Book 13)

Naked and Marooned: One Man. One Island.

The Sea Runners
















flashed, and he gave a low bow before springing off on some other pursuit. Sam watched him go, and no longer questioned why he was trying to undo the imbalance of the Victory; it was for the sake of that boy, and others like him, including a young assassin who once had to fight for his life and his living every waking moment. Darkness, he realized, takes courage, whether you fight it or live it. Meanwhile Arcie had moved ahead and was beckoning him. "Come along, laddie! We're to talk with their

and melted the rock beneath. Sam rolled to a halt behind the comparative shelter of a large boulder and winced as shards of superheated gravel clattered around him. A few feet over, crouched in an overhang, was Kaylana. Valeriana and Arcie found themselves pressed into the space behind a whorled stone column. The dragon screeched again. "Villains! Come out and fight, you nasty people!" Arcie looked up at Valeriana in puzzlement. "Dragon of Light," she whispered. "If only I had my amulet!" "Can't

action through the eyes of the gods and knew that he had only doomed himself still further. For the gods suddenly appeared, binding his spirit back into his flesh even as it struggled to leave, and made him fully immortal, that he might not slip out of his punishment. And thus Bhazo was left to shriek and gibber the unfathomable knowledge of all creation to an echoing chasm, the dragonfire noose ever-burning around his neck. And Valeriana wanted the band of renegades to go and talk to him, for no

beneath a sky full of stars in a glen near the rushing cold Silverwend River, a company of six dark shadows quickly but carefully splashed their way upstream through the shallows. A young warrior in service to the company had awakened to a call of nature and ambled to the riverside to attend to it. As he stood in the idle preoccupation that accompanies such moments, his sleepy eyes saw large shapes moving up the river, the outlines of people on horseback clear in the moonlight. An exclamation

liquid avalanche." "I know." Fenwick whistled for the hunt to begin again, and swung up onto his stallion. "The Druid alone would have the power to save herself from the waves. The natural elements are under her command... and I know Mizzamir has given the centaur minstrel some means to save himself. But the villains who have desecrated the Fa'halee will be slain, and their corpses washed into the Saltangum at our feet." "What if they survive the flood?" Towser asked. "They'll wish they hadn't."

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