Wish Me from the Water

Wish Me from the Water

Language: English

Pages: 400


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Two teenage hockey players brutally murder their parents in an unexpected altercation after a close friend and teammate commits suicide. The town's people believe the suicide was another tragic result of bullying, but the two boys have learned the true reason their friend took his own life, and decide to take matters into their own hands.

Detective Dean Daly is called in to investigate the brutal murders and believes there is much more to the murders than first appears.

Not far away, a young housewife, Sarah, is in a very bad place. Her husband Gerald finally crosses the line from verbal abuse to physical abuse and breaks her arm. She takes flight in the middle of the night, and Gerald vows he will track her down to the ends of the ends of time, and insists she can never leave him.

Detective Daly soon becomes involved in both events, not knowing that he will soon be caught in the middle as the two stories collide.

This is a story about courage, strength, and standing up for what you believe.

(Warning: This novel contains material about sexual abuse of children and domestic physical abuse. Although there is no graphic content described within this story some may still find the content disturbing).

Conquering Zeus (SEALs On Fire, Book 7)

















Pub, when he pulled himself up from the snowy ground and stared into the four sets of eyes that had challenged him that night. Karl took one more slow step forward as he kept his eyes locked on Gerald's. Gerald shuffled backwards with Carolyn still struggling in his arms, and he stumbled against the coffee table. Carolyn tried to squirm free, but Gerald held on tight as they staggered about. Karl lurched forward as Gerald swayed and tried to regain his balance, and suddenly, he was on top of

disappeared behind a closed door. Gerald sat himself up straight and watched as the next image was of the reporter standing out in front of a large Victorian house, while he spoke of an upcoming trial. Gerald new about this murder because it had been all over the news. Like Sarah, he had never paid much attention to the story at the time, but suddenly things had changed. Gerald tried to recall what he knew of the murders and he quickly remembered that they had happened in the town of

going to let Doogie do this are you?" Tommy called out to them. The two girls continued to sit holding tight onto each other, the fright etched deep into their young faces. Tommy sensed their discomfort as they looked about frantically, neither sure of what she should be doing. "Willie!" Tommy called. "For God sake, do something!" Willie only continued to stir the pot. He tested the noodles to see if they were fully cooked and licked his lips. He glanced to his left and watched for a moment as

path a ways, to where he cut across an access path that lay between two properties connecting the river path to Founders Road. He walked out along Founders Roads and from there he ducked into the alley that would lead him down behind Bobby's house. Ricky moved along the back alley until he was behind Bobby's garage, and then he shuffled along the side of the garage towards the backyard. He popped his head around the side. He could see Bobby's CRV was still in the drive. Bobby's mother's car was

the study, it pulled her back from the faraway place she had been. The house was locked up tight, the alarm was turned on, and she really believed she was safe. She popped her head up over the back of the couch and screamed. She thought it was Gerald, and he was only a few yards away in the room. She dropped her book and continued to scream as the invader approached her and she realized it wasn't Gerald at all, but an older teenager. The terror remained as he raced up towards her and quickly had

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